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The JordanHR document platform is available to every restaurant association member as part of their annual membership.


If more hands on HR Servicing is needed, JordanHR also has a full HR staff dedicated to your most pressing human capital needs.


Coupled with an amazing law group, JordanHR is committed to keeping you compliant, out of court and your employees happy.



          Message us and we will chat about your HR needs.


Under the guise of the Professional Development Institute of the Inland Empire, we present to you Restaurant University!

Restaurant University



Restaurant University or Restaurant U, is a training platform dedicated to the training that happens at the restaurant level. Restaurant U operates in many different ways.

-We as facilitators can deliver your already created training for you

-We can create training for your staff

-We can create and facilitate your training for you

-We offer many different types of training onsite to your staff. All trainings are built specifically for your business. All the trainers are Master’s Degree or higher level, some are college professors and all have a vast professional development background.

-Your training turns into college credit! Partnering with colleges, we can turn your training for your staff into college credit.

This is the reason Restaurant University was founded; to give your restaurant staff something back for their training they receive. What a way to help create pride of ownership.

         Message us today for a discussion about your training needs.

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We dig even deeper on 1:1 training with the Jordan Institute of Coaching. We offer individual coaching for restaurant owners or managers and staff. Our owner coaching focuses more on business coaching where our restaurant manager/staff coaching focuses on leadership and personal growth. This is a fantastic benefit for your staff as it showcases your investment in their growth. Our top coaches hold MBA’s from top universities and teach business at various colleges.


      Call us today for a

personal coaching discussion.

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